EnAKTing PSI nuts Dataset
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Dataset Description:
The present data set contains the NUTS statistical regions for the whole European region in linked data format. For the UK the NUTS3 level is further aligned to the local administrative units (or LAU) geography provided by http://statistics.data.gov.uk. The NUTS regions are described along with their historical validity. Changes in the coding reflect both the changes in the composition of the European Union and the internal reorganization of some areas. Such changes have been extracted by the Eurostat site and represented in linked data format. The kind of changes present in the NUTS coding can bu summarised by: code change, region splitting, and regions merging.

Sample RDF Resources:
http://nuts.psi.enakting.org/def/NUTSRegion explore http://nuts.psi.enakting.org/id/ITC15

Data Navigation Services:
This Linked Dataset is one of the PSI EnAKTing Datasets, part of an ongoing effort to investigate the benefits of Linked Data. Our PSI catalogue contains RDFized datasets from data.gov.uk.

Please note: This dataset was created in the early days of the EnAKTing project (circa 2008/2009) as a bootstrapping exercise to facilitate Linked Data research and application development.

The contents of this repository should now be considered obsolete. While best efforts will be made to maintain these datasets, they will not be subject to future changes, corrections, or enhancements, and there is no guarantee of ongoing service.